Cheers to artisan microbrewery Italian beer

Cheers to artisan microbrewery Italian beer

April 7, 2015 0 Comments

The craft-beer trend is intoxicating the drinks industry, and 32 Via dei Birrai is one of the most potent artisan microbrewery brands on the market.

Founded in 2006 by two hobby home brewers (a business expert and engineer) and the master brewer, Fabiano Toffoli, it has already had its standards of quality guaranteed - it is the first Italian artisan microbrewery to have been granted the quality certificate ISO 9001:2008 DNV and the certificate CI, guaranteeing a 100% Made in Italy product. This is also the first non-Belgian beer to receive the prestigious Houblon Belge distinction.


16The brewery, in Pederobba in the Veneto - a few miles from Valdobbiadene - treats its range of eight exquisite craft beers (and a spray-on vinegarette called Ace To 32) with TLC. All the cereals, spices and hops are carefully sourced, and include seasonal ingredients such as a chestnut honeywort for the limited-edition Nectar beer. Italy's craft brewers make some of their products seasonal to take full advantage of the finest fresh ingredients the country has to offer - just like the master chefs of the beer world.


The 32 Via Dei Birrai team are also spreading news of the craft beer trend worldwide. Sales Manager, Loreno Michielin, has travelled far and to illustrate how the preservative-free beer can be paired beautifully with food. Tre+Due, for example, is great with pizza while Atra washes down a dessert in style. This is also echoed in the brand's more gourmet recipe suggestions on their website.


“32 Via dei Birrai represents the perfect equation between taste and design, between research and method without ever straying into industrial standardisation.” says Loreno.


18Design is certainly as important as honing the hops for this brand. 32 Via dei Birrai sponsors particularly cool events and brand, such as “L’Edicola” at Spazio Punch in Venice - a special project dedicated to selected art, architecture and design magazines. It also participates in events such as Regional Contest of Veneto Cheeses, to further promote tasting their beer in combination with cheese. Its packaging is delightfully designed to recycle, including its colourful bottle tops-turned-key rings.

Craft beer is certainly the fashionable alternative to Peroni and Moretti. A new microbrewery opens every few weeks in Italy; 140 were founded between 2008 and 2010. And, from nothing, real beer has come to account for 2% of total Italian beer sales. And while 32 Via dei Birrai aren't yet playing music to their beer (as one of their competitor's does), the brand collaborates with similarly creative minds, ensuring that flair extends throughout the range. From distilling to bottle design - this is craft beer with real creativity.


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