Meet our Sommelier

Gabriele del Carlo

"Gabriele Del Carlo
is a name to watch
in the world of sommeliers."

Gabriele has a world of wisdom about wine. Winner of the Best Sommelier Solidus Professional in 2011 and currently resident at the beloved Le Cinq restaurant in Paris, he has gleaned his

extensive knowledge via the finest cellars of Italy. Consider the Tuscan expert as ‘your own personal wine tutor’, who can suggest food and wine combinations and suggest specifics, from optimum storage to corkage tips.
If you’re looking for a wine with weight to mark a celebration with gravitas or a bottle to suit a sunny day or a spontaneous picnic, your sommelier will have the label you are looking for.

“Wine is the
most civilized thing
in the world.”

Ernest Hemingway

In the history of western civilisation wine is not just any kind of drink: it is at the heart of its tradition, myth and metaphor of life. And so it emerges from every age, leaving its mark in every place.
Wine, in short, accompanies the history of humanity since the most ancient times; from Anatolia to Mesopotamia, passing through ancient Egypt and Greece,

covering the entire period of the Roman Empire and, through Christian times to the Middle Age, arriving in the nineteenth century. And over all these centuries, wine has been – and still is- a “tapos”, an element of inspiration for artists, in the widest sense of the term. Wine and its world have influenced cultural production in every historic period: figurative arts, music, literature, theatre and cinema have always given it special attention. Recounting the history of wine means reawakening the memory of events drowned in myths.
It means retracing the entire epic of humanity, looking back to ancient times.

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