About Us

Maison del Gusto - Redefining Taste

Redefining Taste

Maison del Gusto is all about
the search for excellence,
a passion for the sublime
and making a refined choice.
It is a window on the oldest
and best culinary traditions
in the world presented for
the modern market.

We offer quality and novelty while supporting local traditions and sharing cultural tastes.
Maison del Gusto was born in Monte-Carlo from the desire (almost need) to rediscover and revive the old culinary traditions
of our ancestors.

Its founder, Graziano Mazzucco,
Creative Director for profession and nature,
saw an opportunity to establish his brand
of fine gourmet gifts, embracing the world’s best food and drink and offering a high-quality product different from anything else on the market.

Maison del Gusto’s timeless modernity
has already started inspiring people
all over the world.

Maison del Gusto - Redefining Taste